40th Annual Chili Cook Off

Best Chili by Student Organization during the 40th Annual Chili Cook Off.

The Chili cook off is a friendly competition between the different engineering organizations on campus, organized by the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE). We cooked chili for over 300 students, staff and faculty and competed against 11 others student organizations. We won the competition for the first time and received a trophy from the engineering school.


AADE Student Sponsorship

Sponsored 4 petroleum engineering students from AADE to the SPE ATCE to represent our petroleum engineering department in Dallas. Although we were unable to raise funds as high as the year before, we were able to manage our finances to have an increased number of events this year. We have also identified sponsorship opportunities that may be available through the engineering department for the upcoming year. We aim to represent UH at the AADE Conference in the future.


Blood Donation Campaign

In association with the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center, we hosted a blood donation drive on January 29 in honor of the Houston Police Department Officers who were shot the day before. The event took place from 10am to 5pm at the University of Houston. We had a lot of people volunteering. The goal was to have 40 blood donors, but we were able to get 31 eligible donors. Blood Drive was more successful during the Spring this semester and has made improvements which is great.