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Blood Drive!


Ten years ago, Frances learned why it's so important to Commit for Life. Her son, Andre, was just 10 months old and urgently needed a blood transfusion, but there was no time for her or his father to give for him. "His life was saved because a generous person spared a few minutes of their time," Frances says. "Now, I will forever be committed."

Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center will be hosting blood drives at locations listed in the maps below:

UH - American Association of Drilling Engineers

Commit for Life donors will receive Commit for Life points for their donation to use in the Commit for Life store. For additional "Appointment-Kept Points" please click on the link above to view available times and schedule your donation.

More than 1,000 donations per day are needed by patients in the Texas Gulf Coast region, and your blood donation could help save up to three lives. Individuals who Commit for Life and donate once a quarter can help save lives on an ongoing basis. I encourage you to please schedule your donation today.

We will also be giving away free t-shirts for every single person that attempts to donate and since it's APRIL FOOL'S everyone gets a different shirt!

Make a difference and save a life with the Drilling Engineers on Wednesday!

Thank you!


For registration through AADE - UH,

April 1st location


April 2nd location