The drilling team is working hard to provide opportunities to help students better understand the drilling aspect of the oil & gas industry, all while giving you the potential to make industry contacts.

2018-2019 O F F I C E R S

Akash Punnoose, President

Nur Natasha Noor Azman, Vice-President

Puneet Sarkaria, Tailgate Coordinator 

Cristian Anguiano, Secretary

Vandilson Pinto, Web Master

Mohamad Almasri, Public Relations

Cuong Le, Treasurer

Michael Contreras, Tailgate Coordinator

Samira Diabi, Event Coordinator 

Aaron Tanvir, Industry Liason

Lauren Ouedraogo,  Event Coordinator


Vice President Nur Natasha Azman

Vice President Nur Natasha Azman

Self-motivated and reliable student graduating in May 2020 from the University of Houston with a Bachelors in Petroleum Engineering and a minor in Mathematics. I would not only like to be a valuable addition to the team but I would also like for everyone to feel welcome to our humble association. I hope to get to know all of you really well through all the events we will be hosting. Feel free to come up and introduce yourself. Go Coogs!

B.S. Petroleum Engineering 2020 | University of Houston
American Association of Drilling Engineers | Vice-President

Industry Liason Aaron Tanvir

Industry Liason Aaron Tanvir

Aaron Tanvir is the Industry Liaison for the 2018-2019 school year. He is currently a petroleum engineering junior at UH. His job this year is to provide you with engaging speakers, fun facility tours, and educational workshops. If you have a speaker, tour, or workshop suggestion, please let him know and he will try his best to set it up! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to plan your events and be ready for a fun school year with AADE! 

Treasurer Cuong Le

Treasurer Cuong Le

Cuong Le is very excited to be this years treasurer and is really looking forward to a great semester.He is a capable and detail-oriented individual who is passionate about programming languages. He love taking on new challenges to not only further his depth of knowledge but to also push his boundaries. 


Michael Contreras is working full time towards a petroleum engineering degree while also being a soldier, father and husband. He has served in the US Army Reserves for 7 years so far and has a 6 year old son named Adrian. Michael loves learning and is excited to be a part of AADE serving as the Historian


Public Relations Mohamad Almasri

Public Relations Mohamad Almasri


Mohamad Almasri is a student studying Petroleum Engineering at UH. I look forward to serving as public relations officer for the AADE UH and networking with professionals in the Oil and Gas industry. Together, let’s make this a great year for AADE.